Tuesday, October 27, 2009

She thinks my classes are too expensive?

I was approached by a person this weekend, in an open market place, who wished to be re-attuned to her first and second degrees. She did not want instruction, although she admitted she had NO INSTRUCTION with her previous attunements. She then began the argument that my classes are too expensive, that Reiki should be given freely, and that she didn't feel like she needed class time to be a Reiki practitioner.

To quote Sidhe: "BOLLOCKS!"

I took my workshop for all three of my attunements (first degree, second degree, and third degree *master/teacher*) in a weekend, and it cost me $500!!! We got very little instruction with these sessions. In all reality the class WAS designed for people already familiarized with Energy Healing and the concepts of Reiki. However, there are "masters" out there that WILL slam students with attunements and pat their butts right on out the door to practice something they have no idea of what they are really using, nor the proper techniques and safeguards to do so responsibly. This is why I feel it's necessary to set up my Mastership program in structured classroom format. There are also scheisters who will take your money and NOT give you what you wanted to get from the class. Sad, but true.

As for the argument on paying for instruction, attunements, and Reiki Healing...

To me, money spent = commitment, especially in these tough times. Put a deposit down on something you really really want and you are gonna show up and get what you paid for. Be it a car, furniture, or rent on a new apartment. $275 for a semester is cheaper than ANY college class credit you will find, even Podunk Community College Inc.

Students pay for instruction. Attunements and Reiki BOTH given freely to those who express the desire and commitment to be Reiki Masters. It's also compensation for time away from work where I could be working and earning a living. Reiki don't pay the bills folks! The Reiki sessions I have done since moving here have been done as gifts to friends and the greater community. I have yet to charge one penny for any Reiki sessions I have done thus far. And when someone does decide to become a "client" they are not paying for the Reiki, they are compensating for a Reiki Master's time, and showing appreciation.

I fully agree with the idea that Reiki is a utilization of the natural healing energies already flowing in the universe, and a Master only channels it to heal a client. That's like handing someone a Christmas gift and charging them for what's wrapped up inside. How silly!!!

My personal take on this argument, and she DID try to make this a confrontational argument, was simply that. She needed something to argue about to make her crummy day get better. She is also a person that my Guides have said is not emotionally or physically prepared to be a Reiki Healer, nor does she display the good intention, responsible attitude, or commitment. Apparently a message received by the myriad of other Masters she as approached as well, as a portion of her argument was that every Master she's spoken with has also said no.

I am now taking deposits for the Spring Sessions, scheduled to begin around or just after the Spring Equinox. They will still be on Saturdays, the hours are still being finalized based on convenience of committed students. Please plan on 4 hours per day for instruction and practicum. There are still apx 11 classes, not necessarily consecutive Saturdays, plus graduation. A portion of the tuition will be paying for Graduation exercises, workbooks, and SOME class supplies. The three books listed previously are STILL required purchases PRIOR to the first class. I still suggest Amazon.com's used section. All three can be purchased used for around $30-$40 total!

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